Helmut Coing

Helmut Coing (* 28. February 1912 in Celle; † 15. August 2000 in crowning mountain in the Taunus) was hiving German right scientist and university professor in Frankfurt/Main as well as is enough year chancellors of the medal Pour le Mérite for science and arts.

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personal record

Helmut Coing came of to a huguenot officer family from Hanover. After its Abitur at the advice High School in Hanover it studied jurisprudence at the Universities of Kiel, Munich, Goettingen and Lille (France). 1935 it became in Goettingen the Dr. jur. attained a doctorate. It changed to it to the University of Frankfurt/Main, where it habilitierte itself 1938 with Erich Genzmer. With beginning of war Coing was drawn in to the German armed forces. It was a captain of the reserve and the division aide last. 1941 became Coing professor for Roman and civil right at the University of Frankfurt/Main. it remained unloaded during the time of the national socialism and thereupon 1948 as the full professor for civil and Roman right appoint. Occasionally it also philosophy of law unterrrichtete. As a rector of the University of Frankfurt/Main for the academic years 1955/56 and 1956/57 Coing had transferred for the first time organizational operational tasks in the science enterprise and became 1956-1957 chairmen of the West German rector conference and after his separation as a university rector of chairmen of the science advice (1958-1960). 1964 created Coing institute for Max-Planck for European historical jurisprudence and remained one of their two leaders up to its retirement in the year 1980. 1970-1973 was it chairmen of the spirit-scientific section of the Max-Planck company as well as even there from 1970 to 1972 also director/conductor of the statute commission as well as finally 1978-1984 vice-president of the Max-Planck company. Only after its retirement he took over the task chancellors of the medal Pour le Mérite for science and arts (1984-1992).


  • several honour doctorates in and foreign Universities of

writings (selection)

  • the Frankfurt reformation of 1578 and the common right of their time, 1935 (thesis)
  • the Rezeption of the Roman right in Frankfurt, 1939 (Habilitation)
  • the highest principles of the right, 1947
  • fundamentals of the philosophy of law, 1950 (4. Edition 1985; 5. Aufl. 1993)
  • Hrsg.: Tilt: Vomit, 1953 (13. Aufl. 1978; starting from 14. Edition under the designation tilt Coing: Vomit, 1990
  • Roman right in Germany, 1964
  • epochs of the historical jurisprudence in Germany, 1967-1976
  • the original unit of the European jurisprudence, 1968
  • the trust strength of private legal transaction, 1973
  • European private law 1500-1800, 1985
  • European private law 1800-1914, 1989
  • (Hrsg.:) Manual of the sources and literature of newer European private law history, 1973 FF.

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