Helmut Gröttrup

Helmut Gröttrup (* 1916, † 1981) was German engineer and involved as an assistant who ago of Brauns in the building of the V2. Gröttrup developed the steering and control systems of the V2.

To 13. March 1944 was imprisoned taken Gröttrup as well as who ago and by brown, as well as Klaus Riedel of the Gestapo and in the prison brought to Magnus after Stettin. One did not accuse to them completely unauthorized to use itself more for manned space travel than for war-helpful rockets.

After that 2. World war lived Gröttrup first in the western zones of occupation. It rejected it to work for the Americans since it did not want to separate from its family. In this situation came it an offer of the Soviets' straight right, who did not only offer much money to it, but it also the possibility gave to continue its work in Germany and in such a way at its family remain. He was a most important rocket specialist, whom the Soviet Union for its rocket program could secure itself.

Of 9. September 1945 up to 22. October 1946 worked Gröttrup under the direction of Sergei Pawlowitsch Koroljow in such a way in the Soviet zone of occupation to bring the Soviet rocket program for running. Since it concerned thereby a arms property, this was a clear offence against the Potsdamer agreement.

To 22. October 1946 all scientists and engineers, those for the CSU worked with the course into the USSR brought, in order to continue the work there, like it was called as “reparation payments”. Up to 13. November 1947 gave it to eleven starting attempts, from which five successfully ran. From now on was the CSU of the opinion that one could do without the German specialists and so one took it off from the projects. First the people had to remain around Helmut Gröttrup still in the Soviet Union, since they were up to date over the knowledge conditions of the Soviets. It took still some years, until first engineers and their families were allowed to travel back to Germany. For Gröttrup this day was to 22. November 1955 come.

Back in Germany Helmut Gröttrup tried as an inventor. Together with Jürgen Dethloff it announced 1968 the smart card to the patent , which however only 1982 was given.

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