Helmut Nerlinger

Helmut Nerlinger (* 27. February 1948 in Munich) is a former German football player.

Helmut Nerlinger learned that soccer games with MTV the Munich. it changed 1969 to the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich, which it left at the beginning of the 1970er years again. Afterwards it changed first to kicker open brook, afterwards it went to Tasmania Berlin before it 1971/72 Borussia Dortmund followed. 1978 changed Nerlinger then to Viktoria Cologne, afterwards he terminated his career because of a cartilage damage. It brought it altogether on 57 federal league plays.

Its largest success as football players was the profit DFB cup of the 1970 with the Offenbacher of kicker. His son Christian became likewise federal league professional.

Nerlinger lives today in Munich and is active as a buyer.


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