Helmut Oblinger

Helmut Oblinger (* 14. March 1973 in crowd thing, upper Austria) is a Austrian Wildwasserpaddler.

The time soldier living in crowd thing was as a young person member in the upper-Austrian ski team, changed however soon (affects by his parents) to the paddle haven. There placed themselves starting from 1998 with 2. Place with the Weltcupfinale successes. As high points followed so far 1 WM and 2 EM-medals.

In the year 2004 Oblinger participates for the third time in olympic plays .

Helmut Oblinger is married with the successful Kanusportlerin Violetta Oblinger Peter


3. Place 1996
  • several Weltcupplazierungen under the Top of 3
  • world rank list first 2001, 2005
  • numerous national Meistertitel


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