Helmut Recknagel

Helmut Recknagel (* 20. March 1937 in Steinbach resounding mountain/Thüringer forest) is one of most successful ski Springer of all times.

Straining nail was the first German and at all first non-Scandinavian olympia winner in the ski jumping. it won 1960 with the olympic plays in the American Squaw Valley,starting as a member of the all-German olympia crew for the GDR, the gold medal with at that time still usual style, the arms in “Superman - float " forward plugged off. 1962 triumphed to straining nail in Zakopane in addition superior with the ski jump world championship and to the GDR sportsman of the yearly were selected.

Straining nail wonin addition three times - 1957/58, 1958/59 and 1960/61 - the prestigious four-digging tour, which white-flew to it only Björn Wirkola , Janne Ahonen and Jens (four victories) created.

After its sport career it began to study veterinary medicine and attained a doctorate 1973. It was from 1970 to 1990 memberthe NOC of the GDR, from 1990 to 1990 of the NOC for Deutschland.In of this function he was to beginning of the 90's of international jump judges. Later it opened a medical house in Berlin Prenzlauer mountain. Since 1962 Helmut Recknagel is married with EH Maria, it has a daughter.

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