Helmuth Lohner

Helmuth Lohner (* 24. April 1933 in Vienna) is a Austrian actor, theatre director and at present a director of the theatre in the Josefstadt.

Its film debut gave Lohner 1955 in Hotel Adlon of Josef of Báky. Starting from 1963 it was repeated with watching television active, into the 1990er years with “my Grandpa is the best one” and “my Grandpa and the 13 chairs” (with Otto give) also as a director.

Lohner married two times the GermanActress Susanne Cramer. In addition it was married with the German actress Karin Baal, with which it has the common daughter Therese Lohner, which is active as an actress in Vienna. Lohner life companion of the Austrian Elizabeth Gürtler , which leads Viennese the hotel Sacher, is present.

A close friendship and a often times artistic co-operation connects Lohner with the Austrian actor and director Otto give.

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Opera direction

important one roles


  • “blond one must be on Capri” comedy D 1961,
  • “the Dreimäderlhaus” dear film A 1958,
  • “the halftender” comedyD/A 1958,
  • “Hannibal Brooks” comedy GB 1968,
  • “ruler without crown” Melodram D 1956,
  • “man in the shade” Kriminalfilm A 1961,
  • “my man, the Wirtschaftswunder” comedy D 1960,
  • “pension Schöller” comedy D 1960,
  • the pub in the Spessart (film) “, homeland film D 1957,
  • “widower with five daughters”Comedy D 1957
  • “the last chapter” Melodram D 1961,
  • “the beautiful Lügnerin” comedy D/F 1959 (with Romy cutter)

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