Hendrik Casimir

Hendrik Brugt Gerhard Casimir (* 15. July 1909 into the Hague; † 4. May 2000 in Heeze) was a Netherlands physicist.

Casimir attained 1931 the PhD of the University of suffering. After it with Niels bore inCopenhagen and Wolfgang Pauli in Zurich had worked, occurred it Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven , where it worked up to the end of its work.

It is well-known at the best one for the Casimir effect, which it forecast 1948 and which1958 by the SPARNAAY experiment were already proven experimentally.

Casimir were lent many honours during its life. In particular the honorary membership in Institut of physics, member in the Royal Society and the George E Pake Prize of the American Physical Society.The moreover he was a president of the European physical society.


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