Henning Solberg

Henning Solberg (* 8. January 1973) is a Norwegian autosportsman and Rallye - professional.

Henning Solberg is that scarcely two years older brother of the by far more well-known Rallye world champion 2003, the Subaru - work driver Petter Solberg. Henning became clearly more well-known even only since 2004 in the Rallye world championship, after he had bought himself for seven WM-runs into the Semi Werksteam Bozian Racing, with a Peugeot 206 WRC in it participated and with the Sweden Rallye sixth become could. For 2005 Henning Solberg changed financed WM-runs to Ford - M-sport - the work team and denied as its third man sieves again, this time with a focus R-S WRC. 2006 will return the older of the two Solberg brothers however again to Bozian Racing and for the new OMV Peugeot Norway World Rally team (team colleague becomes Austrian Manfred Stohl) with a Peugeot 307 WRC in altogether 12 of the 16 Rallye WM runs will participate.

Exactly like brother Petter started also Henning Solberg its career as a running driver with some Bilcross - competitions and afterwards with the Rallycross. After it 1992, 93 and 94 Norwegian RX - vice-master had become, the Nordi RX-championship 1994 to win knew and the FIA Rallycross European championship 1995 with 12. Total rank in the group N division had locked (the 2. Place with the EM-run 1995 in Fuglau/Österreich is by the way its most important international RX-success), changed it to the Rallyesport. Here he became equivalent five times Norwegian master in series (1999-2003), before it decided for momentarily still sporadic commitments in the Rallye WM. Hennings so far largest international Rallye success is outstanding 4. Place in the total result of the Cyprus Rallye 2005.

Henning Solberg lives in the Norwegian Spydeberg i Østfold, scarcely 50 km southeast from Oslo convenient. It is married with the former Rallye pillion passenger Maud and both has two common children, the son OSCAR and the daughter Olivia. The Rallye copilot at the side of Henning is already for quite some time its Norwegian compatriot Cato Menkerud from the olympia city Lillehammer. That was in former times already as front seat passengers for brother Petter Solberg in the use, with which he in each case the 2. Place with the South Swedish Rally and the Rally Lebanon of the yearly 1998 to conquer could.

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