Henri Charrière

Henri Charrière (* 16. November 1906; † 29. July 1973) was a French writer.

It later still wrote the auto+biographic book Papillon, and with the book “Banco “the continuation of its large biography to beginning of the 1970er years. In “Papillon” Charrière describes the partial extremely cruel experiences in the shank in the French Bagno, and/or the convict islands before French Guayana in the 1930er and 1940er years.

In “Banco” Charrière describes its life history of the beginning of its release in Venezuela 1945 to beginning of the 1970er years, when its book became Papillon world best-seller and it stood in negotiation over the filming of the book. It became finally of Franklin J. Schaffner with Steve McQueen in the role of the Papillon and Dustin Hoffman films.

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