Henri Farman

Henri Farman (* 26. May 1874 in Paris; † 18. July 1958 in Paris) was a French aviation pioneer.

Henri Farman

born as a son of wealthy English parents - its father was a correspondent of an English newspaper in Paris -, began Farman first training than artists, was interested however quite soon in the newest achievements of the technology, in addition, in the sport.

Thus it denied first Radrennen, and with for the turn the 20. Century arising automobile running it began a career as a running driver first on a Panhard, later for the mark Renault.

After an accident Farman now to the Fliegerei and acquired in the year 1907 a power plane of the technical designer Gabriel Voisin turned as its first customers. Farman as well as its brother Maurice began immediately to modify this machine and designated the airplane after these changes over in Voisin Farman I.

To 13. January 1908 flew Henri Farman the first powered flight of the world over 1 km and won the Grand Prix d´Aviation price of Archdeacon and German. The price was endowed with 50.000 francs.

In the year 1908 Henri Farman operated a flight school in baked with Versailles, and in the year 1912 he created an aircraft production company in Boulogne Billancourt with its brothers Maurice, which baked airplanes already before in had designed, and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations. They manufactured there first the double-deckers with pressure screw, mainly machines for military purposes and training airplanes, characteristic of it.

And in such a way witness of approach of farm on allies took side as clearing-up and observation machines also at the 1. World war part. Dier bekannstesten representatives were Farman the MF-7 and Farman the MF-11. The MF-7 was intended as reconnaissance aircraft, while the MF-11 was a light combat aircraft. Both double-deckers were two-seat and.

After the First World War entered Farman into the passenger aircraft construction. Bekannstester representative was Farman the F.40 “super Goliath” from 1921 with 4 engines, which broke several flight records.

In the year 1919 Henri Farman received the title knight of the Ehrenlegion due to its earnings/services for French aviation.

In the year 1937, one year after the nationalization of the French aircraft industry, thus also its enterprise, withdrew itself Farman from the airplane business.


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