Henri Montan Berton

Henri Montan Berton (* 17. September 1767 in Paris; † 22. April 1844 ebd.) was a French composer.

Its father, Pierre Montan Berton, was likewise a composer and director at that Paris opera. The son tried during the revolution time in the category of the dramatic rescue and release opera arisen again. In the year 1795 it received a Professur to Paris conservatoires and informed there about harmony teachings. 1807 he became a Kapellmeister at the amusing opera. Later Berton the choir led two years to the Grand Opéra. 1817 it returned the conservatoire and gave now also seminars over composing.

Bertons compositions cover 48 operas, 4 ballet, 5 Oratorien, Kantaten, church fairs and instrument valley works. Its 1823 opera shown „Virginie “ ranks among the pieces of gloss of his work. The stage works of the composer are considered as forerunners the romance.

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