Henri Vieuxtemps

Henri Vieuxtemps (* 17. February 1820 in Verviers, Belgium close Aachen; † 6. June 1881 in Algeria) was a Belgian composer and one the most famous Violinisten 19. Century.

Henri Vieuxtemps Jugendbildnis ; Lithographie von Joseph Kriehuber 1834
Henri Vieuxtemps youth portrait; Lithography of Joseph Kriehuber 1834
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received first instruction to lives of its father, playing the violin farmer. At the age of six years it had its first public appearance in its father city with a concert of Pierre Rode, in the future gave it further concerts in neighbouring cities. Subsequently,studied it to Brussels conservatoires. After completed study it pulled it with its friend and teacher Charles Augusts de Bériot to Paris. Unrests during the re-establishment of the monarchy in France, in addition, the wedding of its friend de Bériot led back it to Brussels. Thereperfected it its Violintechnik. In the year 1833 its second art journey led it to Germany, whereby it attached friendly gang to Robert Schumann and Louis Spohr, which compared it with Niccolò Paganini. In the same year it appeared in Frankfurt/Main for the first time publicly forwardsthat German public in the “hotel pasture shrubs” with that 7. Concert of Rode, with “air varié” of de Beriot and Variationen von Mayseder.

In the winter it studied 1835-1836 with Simon Sechter composition, later with Anton Reicha in Paris. Its first composition became as Violinkonzert No. 2admits. In the year 1837 it led under large enthusiasm and acknowledgment of the public in pc. Petersburg its concert No. 1 up. Used in Paris he dedicated himself with large success to the composition of further works.

In the year 1843 it broke for the first time to a tourinto the new world up. On this journey it Pianistin Josephine Eder accompanied the Viennese (1815-1868). Only after the return to the homeland in the year 1844 she became its wife, the marriage was in Frankfurt/Main. In the process of their common concerts in Americait stepped as its sister up and therefore as “Josephine Vieuxtemps” was announced: “Its sister, a beautiful Blondine, which sees not at all similar to it, goes with him on tour and accompanies him at the wing”, then a New Yorker daily paper wrote in the year 1844. Both artistsobviously it feared that “prüden” American the concerts of an unmarried pair less or not at all visit could. After he had spent December 1843 with concerts in bad clay/tone, New York and other cities in the north of the union, he broke at the beginning of January 1844 toward the southup. In new Orleans it gave its debut to 17. January 1844; two months later it gave in this city - after concerts in Vera Cruz and other Mexican cities as well as Havanna (February and March 1844) - to 29. March 1844 also its parting concert inAmerica.

Place Vieuxtemps in Verviers

1846 it settled for 6 years after pc. Petersburg over, as yard musicians of the Zaren Nikolaus I. and as soloist at the imperial theatre to pc. Petersburg. In this position it composed among other things four further Violinkonzerte. Vieuxtemps was founder of the pc.Peter citizen Violinschule at the there conservatoire.

Starting from 1850 and worked he lived again in Brussels. On May 1855 to autumn 1864 it lived in Dreieichenhain with Frankfurt/Main. Because of worsening political conditions in Germany it pulled first for short time to Frankfurt,then it moved 1866 again to Paris, where it continued to develop its international career.

Six years later, 1871, he transferred his playing the violin class at Henryk Wieniawski, returned to Brussels and took over to the repeated mark the Professur to Brussels conservatoires. Its most renowned pupil was Eugène Ysaye.

1873 struck it after an impact accumulation a paralysis of the left body side, which made it impossible for it to play further violin. From now on it lived withdrawn usually into Paris. Starting from 1879 he spent its last Lebensjahre in a sanatorium in Algiers (Mustapha Superieur), itsSon-in-law Dr. Eduard Landowski led. It set its kompositorisches work untiringly away, however for forbidding third over to have to let its music of other soloists specify.


  • 7 Violinkonzerte
  • 2 Violoncellokonzerte
  • Fantasia appassionata OI. 35
  • Ballade et Polonaise OI. 38
  • Fantaisie Capriccio for violinand orchestra
  • Caprice hommage à Paganini OI. 9
  • Sonate OI. 12
  • 1 Bratschensonate
  • 3 cadences for the Beethovenkonzert
  • 12 Konzertante Duos (and. A. over Don Juan OI. 20 for violin and piano)
  • numerous Salonmusiken, noteworthy the variations over the “Yankee Doodle” op.17

Henri Vieuxtemps and EugèneOne can call Ysayë founders of the franco Belgian Violinschule, which are maintained today still at the conservatoires of Lüttich, Brussels and Paris.

Its father city Verviers established one 1898 a monument to it and designated the place of the location after it.

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