Henry Kimball Hadley

Henry Kimball Hadley (* 20. December 1871 in Somerville/Massachusetts; † 6. September 1937 in New York town center) was an US-American composer and conductor.

Hadley studied Stephen Albert Emery and George Chadwick in bad clay/tone with Benjamin Dwight everything, as well as in Vienna with Eusebius Mandyczewski. From 1896 to 1904 it was organist in guards town center/Long Iceland, afterwards it returned to Europe, where it studied with Ludwig Thuille. From 1909 to 1911 he was a conductor of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, afterwards he became a first conductor again created San Francisco Symphony. From 1920 to 1927 he was a conductor the New York Philharmonic Society and from 1929 to 1932 of the Manhattan Symphony Orchestra created by him. It composed six operas, Operetten and musical, four symphonies, two sinfonische poems, a sinfonische Fantasie, an orchestra rhapsody, Ouvertüren, a cello and a piano concert, chamber music and four choir works as well as songs.


  • Happy Jack, Operette
  • Nancy Brown, musical comedy, 1903
  • The Culprit Fay, orchestra rhapsody, 1909
  • Safié, the Persian, opera, 1909
  • North, East, South, west, 4. Virens, opera
  • The Fire Prince, Operette A Night in
  • old Paris, radio opera,
  • 1924 Don Juan, film music,
  • 1926 The putting to symphony, 1911 The Atonement OF Pan
  • , music drama, 1912 The
  • Pearl Girl, Operette The Masque
  • OF Newark, 1916 Azora, the
  • Daughter OF Montezuma,
  • opera, 1917 Bianca,
  • opera, 1918 Cleopatra's Night, opera, 1920
  • The Ocean, sinfonisches poem,
  • 1921 Semper OF Hani, opera, 1933
  • The talk Fleming, musical
  • Lucifer, sinfonisches poem
  • Salome, sinfonisches poem


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