Henry Kuttner

Henry Kuttner (* 7. April 1914 in Los Angeles, Californien; † 4. February 1958) was an US-American writer.

Kuttner wrote in its early years Horrorstories. In the Pulp magazine Weird of valley it published its first stories starting from 1936. LaterKuttner turned, on recommending H. P. Lovecrafts, whose pen pal was he, the SF too. It was at that time admits for its literary Prosa. After its marriage with Catherine L. It together with their space Operas and Fantasy , in addition, Mainstream narrations wrote moorlands. Theirboth work re-clamps the 1940er and 1950er. Most of their work under aliases, mainly Lewis Padgett and Laurence O'Donnell was published.

Kuttner spent the center of the 1950er years, in order to make its master conclusion, before it died at a heart accumulation 1958.


  • Kurzgeschichte: Mimsy were the Borogoves
  • novel: Fury (1947)

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