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Henry Mancini, actually Enrico Nicola Mancini (* 16. April 1924 in Cleveland, Ohio; † 14. June 1994 in Beverly Hills, California) was one of the most important US-American composers. Its friends were allowed to call it “Hank”.

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[work on] lives with 8 years piccolo and was member in Italian folklore volume. With 12 years it was already interested in film music.

It received its training to the Carnegie Tech musicSchool and starting from 1943 with the Juilliard School. Afterwards it sent some arrangements at Benny Goodman. Goodman offered an employment to it and after Mancini had survived the Second World War, he followed 1946 the again formed Glenn Miller volume. (Miller was verschollen, thatOrchestra led from Tex Beneke.)

1952 offered to it the universal - Studio a two-week employment for a Abbott and a Costello - film, Abbott and Costello Go ton Mars (1953), which should take finally six years. In this time Mancini worked itself as composer and Arrangeurby all conceivable film category partly however without in the Filmcredits to be specified. So e.g. was it. also for the films „the fright of the Amazon “(Creature OF the Black Lagoon, 1954), „the revenge of the monster “(Revenge OF the Creature,1955), „Metaluna IV do not answer active(This Iceland Earth, 1955) andTarantula “(1955). Divisions of labor of different composers were necessary and usual at the time for time reasons.

The success of its working on for the films „the Glenn Miller story “(1953) and„The Benny Goodman story “(1955) opened the possibility to it of introducing for further films new music styles. Mancini was one first, which introduced the jazz to the orchestrale film music. As the best music of its universal time Mancini held the music to the Orson Welles filmin the indication of theBad one “(Touch OF Evil, 1958), which was at the time the first large film music with Latin American jazz.

Co-operation with the film director Blake Edward, first for the TV serial „Peter Gunn “(1958), gave new development possibilities to Mancini and became thatmost successful period of its work, with Musiken to breakfast with Tiffany (BREAK nearly RK Tiffany's, 1961), „the days of the Weines and the roses “(Days OF Wine and Roses, 1962), to Peter Sellers Film around „the rose-pink Panther “(starting from 1963), too „Large running approximately around the world “(The Great Race, 1965) and many further.

The second director, who helped Mancini to develop large music Scores was Stanley Donen, for which it and others the music too „Charade “(1963) and „arabesque“(1966) composed. Besides there were many further directors, who profited from Mancinis music, thus Howard Hawks, for its film „having air!“(1962) Mancini surprise success „baby Elephant mill “wrote or Martin ride with his film „Verflucht up to the recent day“(The Molly Maguires, 1970) or Vittorio De Sica with „sunflowers “(I Girasoli, 1970). Altogether go over 480 film and television compositions on the account from Henry Mancini.

Henry Mancini was nominated for 18 Oscars and won it four times. In addition it won20 Grammys and two Emmys. Mancini took up over 50 music albums and published to the 500 compositions.

Mancini led also volume for Schallplattenaufnahmen and undertook since the 1960er-Jahren regularly tours with own orchestra, whereby he often played flute or Piano.

1996 became that Henry Mancini music of institutes based, a 80-köpfiges orchestra, in which new generation musicians Erfahrungen can collect.

Mancini was married up to its death with Virginia O'Connor and had twin daughters, Monica and Felice, as well as a son, Christopher. To 13. April 2004 appeared in the USA one37¢-Gedenk-Briefmarke, which a Portrait shows and lists different of its compositions.



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sound TRACK albums

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