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Henry Miller (* 26. December 1891 in New York; † 7. June 1980 in Los Angeles) was US - an American writer.

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Miller comes of simple conditions. His father, German American of the first generation, was a cutter. The desire to write or rather the desire, a writer be, Miller preserved already in in former times youth, actually however has he only very late with the letterbegun. With 43 it - apart from earlier little successful attempts - wrote its first important work with the “turning circle of the cancer”. The process of the letter and the phenomenon of creativity play a large role in Miller's work. Nearly one can believe that itsWrite, sometimes omitted a merry argument with the life and its way, every now and then despaired, is, a writer to be become. It however always stresses the priority of the life.


behind all forms the despising way of writing reveals itself with more exact Hinsehen the unconditionalDevotion to the life, which is affirmed next to each other in its unordered by high one and low one, cruel one and tender one, ridiculous one and Anbetungswertem and spread before the eyes of the reader in its whole diversity and intensity. Herein Miller is a soul relative of men as rolls Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson or Rabelais, whose rings around independence and liberty he divides. In this connection he regards art and particularly literature above all also as act of the release from social chains, conventions and obligations.

Its work reflects, almost exclusively in the forman autobiography or a diary held, its every now and then surreale feeling and thought world. To it it concerns to represent the life in such a way to own stating as it it darbietet itself and an artificial wording to avoid. Its consciously provoking - realistic description of Sexualität is thereby partits explained effort to expose as lied and wrongly felt civil value system and replace by just as sober as poetic individualism. Its works applied in the puritanischen USA, where the modern European novel was to a large extent strange, for a long time as pornographisch and were allowed notit appears until the highest Court of Justice of the USA judged that they were not pornographisch, but “ideas defend” became. Miller, one of the most important writers 20. Century, affected whether its provokanten language and its nonkonformistischen attitude and way of life many authors of the Beat generation and the so-called Post office modernism.


the authoress Anaïs Nin was, its most well-known loving beside his Mrs. June.

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