Henry Nettleship

Henry Nettleship (* 5. May 1839 in chain ring, † 10. July 1893) was an English classical Philologe.

It was educated on the Lancing college, in Durham and to the Charterhouse School, and visited finally corpus the Christi college, Oxford. 1861 he was selected Oxford , which he left with his marriage 1870 to fellow Lincoln the college. 1868 it assistant masters to Harrow, returned however 1873 to Oxford, where he was selected to fellow the corpus the Christi college. 1878 it followed Edwin Palmer as a professor for latin; he noticed this task up to his death.

Nettleships interest applied for Vergil and important part of its work dedicated it to this poet. After John Coningtons death 1869 it accompanied its Vergil expenditure with the pressure and cared for the further expenditures of the work. it began 1875 new latin encyclopedia for Clarendon presses, but the project required more employment than it carrying out could, so that it published 1887 only some results of twelve-year-old boy work in the book Contributions ton of Latin Lexicography.

In connection with John Edwin Sandys again published Nettleship Seyfferts Dictionary OF Classical Antiquities, and contributed even to the volume essay on the Endowment OF Research the article “The Present relation between Classical Research and Classical Education in England”, in which it referred to the large value of the professoralen lectures in Germany.

In research questions it was a trailer of Marks of Pattison, whose essays it 1889 with Clarendon press published. In Lectures and essay on Subjects connected with Latin Literature and Scholarship publishes Nettleship some its work (after examination) a second time. A second series for this, 1895 of F. Haverfield given change, contains one of M. Nettleship wrote Biografie.

Ring-back signals on Nettleship appeared in The Time (11. July, 1893); Classical Review (October 1893) and Oxford of magazines (18. October, 1893).


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