Henry pigeon

Henry pigeon (* 30. November 1915 in new village, Canada; † 16. November 2005 in Palo Alto, California) was an US-American chemist. It received the Nobelpreis for chemistry to 1983, since he succeeded to clear the reaction mechanisms up of the electron transmission in metal complexes.


Henry pigeon was born in the Canadian place new village in the province Saskatchewan. It studied chemistry at the university of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and changed to it to the University OF California in Berkeley. Its graduation took place 1940 and 1952 followed it a call after a professor place for inorganic chemistry to the Stanford university. 1978 he became director/conductor department for chemistry at the Stanford university in Palo of the Alto

pigeon busy particularly with the transmission of electrons between ions with chemical reactions. It developed above all theoretical models of the procedure, which had an elementary meaning for the later research.

In the 1960er and 1970er years concentrated its work on the reactions with the electron transfer of transition metals into solutions. It could clear up with the fact that there are two different ways of the electron transfer, which he called external sphere mechanism and interior sphere mechanism. For distinction it took the view as a basis of the ions involved, since with the external sphere mechanism the transmission of the Reduktionsion takes place on the Oxidationsion energetically below the activation barrier. This to the proximity of the ions to each other and the Umkonfigurierung of the charges in the environment concerned (internal co-ordination sphere ) with ions of different charge is due.

With the interior sphere mechanism it could clear the role up of the co-ordination sphere. A ligand from this environment works as „bridge “between the ions, which exchange the electrons. Deaf one could prove that this bridge function arises particularly effectively with organic mediators in relation to simple inorganic compounds.


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