Henry Wheaton

Henry Wheaton, (* 27. November 1785 in Providence in Rhode Island; † 11. March 1848 in Dorchester in Massachusetts, was an US-American politician and writer.

Henry Wheaton studied jurisprudence, which he continued 1805 to 1806 in France , Holland and England on the Brown University in Providence. After its return to the USA, he became a lawyer in Rhode Island, later in New York. 1812 it became member of the maritime court in New York. Here it published 1815 its “Digest OF the Law OF maritime Captures” .

Starting from 1816 he worked in the highest Court of Justice (supreme Court) in Washington D.C., when reporter OF Decisions where it all decisions, which were made there, since 1789 it collected and published 1816 to 1827.

1821 he was selected to the delegate of the Generalnersammlung of the State of New York. it donated the Athenäum, public litterarisches Institut to 1824 in New York, and 1826 it took part in the drawing up of a law book under private law for the State of New York. 1827 it was sent as a diplomat, to Copenhagen, dedicated themselves during its stay of several years to the study of the Scandinavian languages, history and Altertümer, which it in its works “History OF the Northmen or Danes and standard to” (Lond. 1831, franz. 1844) appeared.

To repeated journeys in France, England and Germany he returned 1834 to the USA , went however 1835 again as an Ambassador to Berlin negotiating in particular in order with the German customs union. 1836 appeared international its “element to OF law” (8. Aufl. of Dana, bad clay/tone 1866; auchhrsg. of Boyd, Lond. 1880; in franz. Treatment, 5. Aufl., Leipz 1874, 2 Bde.), which the extended “ History OF the law OF followed 1845 nation ”. The price writing “Histoire of the progres you treats the same article droit the gene EN Euope et EN Amerique depuis la paix de Westphalie” (Leipz.1841; 4. Aufl., that. 1865, 2 Bde.). 1845 it was recalled by its diplomatic post, and became a teacher for international right in the Harvard Law School, a faculty of Harvard University.


  • of element OF internationally Law ISBN 0306702061 (English)
  • Enquiry into the Validity OF the British Claim ton of A right OF inspection and search OF the American Vessels Suspected ton Engaged into the African Slave trade ISBN 0837120721 (English)


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