Henry Williamson

Henry Williamson (* 1. December 1895 in Brockley, † 13. August 1977) was a British writer. In Germany almost unknown, a part enjoys, particularly nature novels of its work in England such as Tarka of the Otter of large popularity.

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lives and work

Henry Williamson was born in Brockley, in the southeast of London. The rural area, in which it led buildup, to the fact that it developed a love for the nature, which should affect its literary work strongly in the childhood.

The First World War shook it and made it the Pazifisten. Also these impressions found influence into its work, particularly in A Chronicle OF Ancient Sunlight (1951-1969), to book series, which describe the life of the fictitious person Philip Maddison, a kind age Ego, from birth and a kind autobiography of the author is.

1927 appeared its to today most well-known book, to Tarka the Otter. History was successfully filmed 1979; its son Harry created 1988 together with Anthony Phillips (admits as an original guitarist with genesis) a Suite for orchestra and guitars, which were based on the book.

Into the 1930er years was British Williamson member of the British fascist party union OF Fascists.

Williamson published altogether concerning fifty books, of which today most are guessed/advised in oblivion.

It died to 13. August 1977 at age dementia and is bestattet on the cemetery in Georgeham.

1980 were created the Henry Williamson Society (see Web on the left of).

works (selection)

  • 1922 - The Lone Swallows
  • 1927 - Tarka The Otter (dt. 1947)
  • 1930 - The Patriot's progress
  • 1951 - 1969 - A Chronicle OF Ancient Sunlight (a 15-bändige fiktionale autobiography, represents the life of Phillip Maddison )


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