Henry Wilson (politician)

Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson

Henry Wilson (* 16. February 1812 in Farmington, New Hampshire; † 22. November 1875 in Washington, D.C.; Birth name: Jeremiah Jones Colbath) was an US-American politician and vice-president of the USA.

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Henry Wilson was born as Jeremiah Jones Colbath in Farmington (New Hampshire) and delivered of its father, when it was ten years old, because of poverty at the Farmer Henry Wilson for adoption. It let its names modify 1833 in Henry Wilson.

Wilson pulled 1833 after Natick (Massachusetts), learned the shoemaker handicraft and operated beside the handicraft political and national economic studies. it appeared to 1840 as trailer of the Whigpartei publicly as a speaker and was between 1841 and 1852, member of the government of Massachusetts, whereby it emergency-hung 1848 to the Know party changed. 1848 to 1851 it operated its own newspaper bad clay/tone Republican besides as an editor. 1855 he was selected as a member of the Free Soil party as a senator of Massachusetts into the congress.

In the American civil war it served 1861 short time as a staff officer under general George MacClellan. 1872 he became vice-president of the USA under Ulysses S. Grant. Wilson died after an impact accumulation 1875 in the Kapitol in Washington (D.C.)


  • History OF antislavery measures (1864)
  • History OF the giant and case OF the slave power in America. 3 Bde., unfinished (1872-1876)


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