Henryk Jabłoński

Henryk Jabłoński [ˈxɛnrɨk jabˈwɔɲskʲi] (* 27. December 1909 in Waliszewo with Łowicz, † 27. January 2003 in Warsaw) was a Polish communist politician and historian. It studied history and became 1931 member of the Polish socialist party PPS. During the Second World War it fought and others with Narvik and actively the French Résistance supported. After end of war it occurred soon for the combination from PPS and PPR to the PZPR and became 1947 delegates in the Sejm (until 1972). From 1948 to 1981 it was member of the ZK of the PZPR, from 1971 to 1981 also the Politbüros. It belonged to governments from 1965 to 1966 as a university Minister and from 1966 to 1972 as a Minister for education and university nature. In this function it signed the decree to the Relegierung of demonstrating students of the universities after March unrests 1968. On initiative Edward greed RPC was appointed Jabłoński 1972 the Council of State chairman Polish People's Republic and kept this office over the breaks of the years 1980/1981 away until 1985, when he was replaced by Wojciech Jaruzelski. Quasi besides it functioned itself since 1948 as a professor for history at the University of Warsaw, since 1952 at the Polish academy of the sciences (PAN), v.a. with questions of the party and contemporary history concerned.


  • “Polityka PPS w trakcie wojny 1914 - 18 “(1958)
  • “Narodziny II Rzeczpospolita” (1962)


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