Herald Square

Herald Square im Frühling 2005
Herald Square in spring 2005

Herald Square is a place in New York town center at the point of cut of Broadway, the 6. Avenue and the 34. Road.

The Herald Square is designated to the New York Herald and in honours its publisher James Gordon Bennett and its son, which lived from 1893 to 1921 in the Stanford Whites. Up to its transformation into the 1890er, the place was appropriate for years in the somewhat anrüchigen Tenderloin district Manhattans. Here there were many bars, dance restaurants and theatres like the Manhattan Opera House

of the former purchase mile witnesses this very day the Macy's which was because of the place, the largest department store of the world. Also the famous department store of the brothers Gimbel stood once near the Herald Square, but is of it nothing more to be seen. Just as little as of the opera house, only of the former Herald Building is to be seen still the verzierte Bennett clock.

The bronze figures Minervas and the bell racquets are a work of Antonin Jean Carles.

Coordinates: 40° 44 ′ 59 " N, 73° 59 ′ 16 " W


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