Harsh Brooks

harsh Brooks (* 5. August 1937; † 11. August 2003 in Minneapolis) was an US-American ice hockey coach.

Largest successes celebrated he 1980 with the olympic plays in Lake Placid. First it won to 22. February in the semi-final with its crewagainst the favorites from the Soviet Union with 4:3, this play was received as “Miracle on Ice “into history and afterwards the final against Finland with 4:2.

Into the 1970er he was a coach at the university of Minnesota and won three times the nationalChampionships (1974, 1976 and 1979) and once the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA) title (1975). One year after the triumphalen victory with the olympic plays, tried the American also as a coach of the HC Davos. After a turbulent winter into Swiss mountains turnedBrooks again into its homeland back. In the NHL trained he the New York Ranger (1981-85), the Minnesota North of star (1987-88), those new jersey Devils (1992-93) and the Pittsburgh Penguins (1999-2000).

1998 he was a coach of the French ice hockey national team with the olympic winter plays. 2002 succeeded to itreturn, when it won the olympic silver medal with the US-American ice hockey national team in salt Lake town center.

Harsh Brooks lost at the 11. August 2003 on a Highway in the north of Minneapolis control of its Minivan, while it was probably not buckled. It became about35 meters from his car removes dead found. Harsh Brooks left its wife and two children.


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