Harsh ore flint

harsh ore flint (* 15. June 1937 in cell at the lake, Austria, since 1990 German citizen) is a Kabarettist and an entertainer. Flint calls itself jokeful as sui generis, because it rejects it, to be categorized.

Harsh ore flint as moderatorwith the WDR Literaturmarathon in the context of the Lit.Cologne to 19. March 2005

flint studied Mozarteum from 1956 to 1958 at the salt citizen, before it moved to 1960 to New York, where it worked as an editor and starting from 1968 as an editor-in-chief of the German-language New Yorker state newspaper. Returned to Europe,functioned it in Germany as a publishing house leader of the satire magazine Pardon, was following it until 1992 editor-in-chief German WAD magazine, whose style it coined/shaped considerably. End of the 1980er went to flint to the television and was first member of the rate team of the show Pssst…, of Harald Schmidt was moderated. With this he was to be seen common from 1990 to 1994 in the anarchischen cult show Schmidteinander. After several guest appearances as Stuntman Spartakus in the Wochenshow, he gave his debut to 1998 in Berlin as a theatre actor. It was also member of theRate team of which am I? on cables and his voice professor Brabbelback in the feature of the same name in the transmission with the mouse borrows 1.

After the two books of flint journeys and flint spare book third appeared in the summer 2004 of flint. The three books contain reports on a journey,mainly over its Dokumentarreisefilme of flint journeys, which it produced for the WDR. In February 2006 its fourth book with the title is women asks flint and sieves other F-words appeared.

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