Harsh ore Frit

harsh ore Frit (* 14. June 1911 in Berlin; † 20. June 1960 in Munich) was an author and publisher in the areas of the medicine, Esoterik and the literature.

Frit was searching biologist, who put its graduation down with magna cum laude. Briefly before its Habilitation gave up it this occupation however and completed training as Psychotherapeut with complete training analysis. For many decades it operated intensively in general-medical and homöopathischem area and worked themselves occasionally than assistant in the chamfering hospital Dr. Buchinger sen.

Frit stepped out in the Homöopathie - debate as trailer of cock man and the Hochpotenz Homöopathie.

He was publisher and coworker of a set of literary, okkulten and medical magazines. Among other things he wrote columns for large newspapers as for the time, from 1938 to 1941 was he publisher of the borderscientific magazine the column.

Harsh ore Frit, which indicated 1934 its occupation as Rezensent, was as poets one of the main authors of the publishing houses of Vauo Stomps.

Frit was trailer of the Theosophie of Annie Besant and an opponent of Rudolf Steiner. Secretary inside research ring of the German society for scientific Okkultismus. Member in the Ordo Templi Orientis (medal name: Basilius) and there head of the Gnostisch catholic church for Germany. Large master of the rose cruiser medal Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua as a successor of Arnoldo bent Heller.


  • the Glühwürmchen Barkarole, poems, self publishing house, 1929. 2. Edition in the publishing house the Rabenpresse, Berlin, 1932
  • snow-covered studio, poems, 1930
  • fool calendars, poems, 1931
  • by secret doors, poems, the Rabenpresse, Berlin, 1932
  • Mandragora, 12 magic pieces, poems, the Rabenpresse, Berlin, 1933 (with a design of Ludwig Meidner)
  • in the steam of the retort, collecting magic poems, the Rabenpresse, Berlin, 1934
  • calendars 1935, with designs of John UHL, the Rabenpresse, Berlin 1935
  • the Erstgeborene. A picture of humans, Berlin, S. Fischer publishing house, 1940
  • animal soul and creation secret. A book concerning the mental abilities of animals. Leipzig, Rupert publishing house, 1940
  • time of the lily - poems, Hamburg, Christian Wegner publishing house 1948
  • sense and secret of the course of the year. Bath salty/Boppard, smoke, 1949
  • Merlin, series of publications for border sciences and. Fate customer, given change of harsh ore Frit, Hamburg, Axel Springer publishing house, approx. 1950, 3 volumes
  • seeds of the morning light, 4 poems for Aleister Crowley, Eremitenpresse (Victor Otto Stomps), Frankfurt/Main, 1950
  • The increase of the queue, Mysterium people picture and Mirakel of the Homöopathie, ISBN 3922345085
  • the unknown healthynesses, ISBN 3922345085
  • the large elder tree, ISBN 3922345212
  • Samuel cock man. Idea and reality of the Homöopathie. Stuttgart, Klett, 1954. 2. over work. Aufl.
  • Poems in the vapor circle of the Paracelsus
  • fool calendar. Verses by harsh ore Frit, designs of John UHL. New York, Gilbert edition, 1967. Unsalable publication of the international donation for anti-political and anti-time art (see. 1931 and 1935)
  • tree of the Käuze. Poems, letters, essays. Hrsg. of Hansjörg Viesel. With 13 designs of Aldona Gustas. Berlin Corvinus press 1991.
  • Small text book of the white magic, castle village publishing house 1989, ISBN 3922345506
  • Pyrmont - from the grace history of a place, publishing house Leonhard Friedrich, bath Pyrmont, 1946
  • Iatrosophia, Metabiologi healing and Selbstheilung, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Hummel publishing house, Leipzig, 1937
  • the Vaganten - poems of harsh ore Frit with designs of John UHL, max beautiful gentleman Verlag, Berlin, 1967
  • at the seam of the large curtain, poems of harsh ore Frit with designs of John UHL, Athanor publishing house, Berlin, 1978
  • letters to friends 1931 - 1959, hrsg. by Ernst Klett, Ernst Klett publishing house, Stuttgart, 1970


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