Harsh ore Günther (writer)

harsh ore Günther (* 26. March 1906 in Berlin; † 19. March 1978 in Munich) was a German writer, poet and a publisher.

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harsh ore Günther was the bio count von Joachim Ringelnatz, which it could do personally. Since 1961 Günther in Munich lived, where he was for for a while also president of the society of the Bibliophilen. Attention excited Günther 1929 with here writes Berlin. A Anthologie today, which represented above all the literary modern trend. Carl Zuckmayer or Arnold branch he could unite fifty authors of rank such as Alfred Döblin, Lion Feuchtwanger , Paul Gurk , Heinrich Eduard Jacob, Erich Kästner, Alfred Kerr, Ernst Lissauer, Heinrich man, Joachim Ringelnatz, briefly Tucholsky, therein. 1933 were forbidden and burned the Anthologie.

Its wife Elena Günther born Glasunow was a well-known Pianistin, their father, Alexander Glasunow (1865-1936), again a Russian composer and director of the pc. Peter citizen of conservatoire was.


  • writes works here. A Anthologie today. Berlin: International library, 1929. New editions: Munich: Paul List publishing house, 1963; Berlin: Fannei & roll publishing house, 1989, ISBN 3-927574-01-5; Berlin: Ullstein book publishing house, 1998, ISBN 3-548-24513-7.
  • Revolving stage of the time. Friendships, meetings, fates (autobiography). Hamburg: Christian Wegner publishing house, 1957.
  • Lucky journey. Cheerful knowledge of the travel benefits. Munich: Paul List publishing house, o.D. [1964].


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