Harsh ore Howells

harsh ore Norman Howells (* 17. October 1892 in Lydney, Gloucestershire; † 23. February 1983 in London) was an English composer.

life and work

harsh ore Howells were that youngest of the six children of olive and Elizabeth Howells. Its father was amateur organist, and harsh ore showed early a promising musical gift. It studied first with harsh ore Brewer to the Gloucester Cathedral, when organ pupils besides with Ivor Novello and Ivor Gurney, a celebrated English song composer, with whom it closed close friendship. Later it studied college OF music in London at the Royal with Stanford, stroke ore Parry and Charles Wood.

1915 were diagnosed with it a thyroid illness and still another life-span was placed from six months in prospect. The physicians decided to use a so far untested working method and he became the first patient in the country, who was submitted of a radiotherapy.

1917 it became temporarily Assistenzorganist at the cathedral of Salisbury, because of its serious illness could it this place only briefly however dress; later, during 2. World war, he was deputy organist at sp John's college, Cambridge.

While it stood into its 20ern to 30ern, its kompositorisches work concentrated particularly on orchestra and chamber music, under it also two piano concerts. The refusal, those 2. Concert experienced, led to temporary victories activity kompositorischer of Howells. A further stroke of fate was 1935 the death of its son Michael (the source data vary whether by Polio or Meningitis), which met Howells to in Marks. This seems to have released a new creative phase however nevertheless, although Howells and its music were not after this life crisis any more the same. Although a strict Christian, he did not dedicate itself increasingly to the composition of sakraler music. Thereby the Hymnus Paradisi for Soli, choir and orchestra is most outstanding. It originated in to 1950 after the death of the son, however only was uraufgeführt and published; after Howells of own statement on urge of its friend and Mentors Ralph Vaughan Williams. It contains passages of a Requiem A cappella, begun before Michaels death, which however only 1981 was published and dedicated to its memory.

Hymnus Paradisi was first religious choir works large sized of four. The Missa Sabrinensis is, which concerns extent and occupation, comparably with the Missa Solemnis of Ludwig van Beethoven, while at English measure plans a substantially smaller occupation, to a large extent English texts used and the anglikanischen tradition following, who places Gloria against the conclusion. Howells Stabat mould is with one duration of approximately 50 minutes one of the longest musical works over this text.

Howells became particularly admits for its extensive work within the range of the anglikanischen church music, which include a complete service for the King's college , Cambridge, as well as among other things the Magnificat and a Nunc dimittis for the choirs the pc. Paul's Cathedral and the Gloucester Cathedral. The Motette Take Him, Earth, for Cherishing became short after the murder John F. Kennedys written and the memory of the president dedicated.

In its later life he became an honour doctor Cambridge University and member order OF the Companions OF Honour.


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