Harsh ore Jobst

harsh ore Jobst (* 30. July 1915 in new Welzow, Lausitz; † 28. June 1990 in Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) was a German writer.

Jobst had a moved, hard life as Findelkind, printer apprentice, Tippelbruder, armed forces soldier, prisoner of war, bismuth buddy Hauer/riser and finally became known as a writer. Its works cover the auto+biographic novel cycle “the Findling” (1957), “the pupil (1958), “the vagabond” (1963), as well as “the Glücksucher” (1973). In these novels slot ore that old ego the author, Adam rehearses, by a half century of German history.

Jobst was married with the authoress Lisa Jobst. In the year 1958 it was distinguished with the Heinrich man price 1.Klasse.

Further publications: “Wallpaper changes” (narrations, predominantly war and bismuth), “the foreigner” (DEFA film).


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