Harsh ore Knaup

harsh ore Knaup with the North-Rhine/Westphalia film premiere of „Agnes and its brothers “

harsh ore Knaup (* 23. March 1956 in Sonthofen) is a German actor.

Knaup buildup in the general-outer . To its graduation (middle ripe ones) it went to Munich, where it visited the renowned petrol Falckenberg Schauspielschule. After its training as the actor Knaup made a one year's practical course to the resident of Munich chamber plays and since 1978 by numerous stages everywhere in the country was engaged. Among other things harsh ore Knaup in Heidelberg , Basel , Bremen , Vienna and Cologne played and supplied in the same year with „Coda “its film debut.


films (selection)

  • 1978 Coda
  • 1984 scene - hot snow
  • 1994 of all except murder - the name of the carnation, innocence angel
  • 1995 Schlafes brother, Patricias secret, Zaubergirl, operation butterfly, Warshots, with connected eyes
  • 1996 erring is male, the sample boys, the peace mission, children of the night, gentle murders, raped - the truth and other lies
  • 1997 at present too secondly, blindly DATE - flirt with consequences, TV-series the course, shock - a woman in fear, silver and gold
  • 1998 Jimmy the Kid, Lola runs, Fever, T.E.A.M. Berlin - enterprise fire baptism
  • 1999 the bride, the South Seas, own island, Ne favorable opportunity, Framed, a completely usual thief
  • 2000 Bella block: Debt and love, the night of the angels, Marlene, dangerous one of dreams, Albert Speer in Nuremberg - in the name of the humanity
  • 2001 the daughter of the commissioner, class meeting - murder case among friends, decision in the ice - a woman hunts the murderer, I brings you behind lattices, Anna's summer
  • 2002 blond - EH blond! , Hard rolls, absolutely, the rebellion
  • 2003 anatomy 2, my first friend nut/mother and I, in the life back, Anna's home coming, the old ape fear
  • 2004 Agnes and its brothers, rock crystal
  • 2005 Conny miner in chancellorship (TV serial)
  • 2005 the life of the others

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