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harsh ore Karl Ludwig wreath/ring (* 4. October 1891 in north living; † 30. August 1973 in Braunschweig) was a German writer.
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wreath/ring visited a higher school in Berlin and completed 1910 its Abitur. Subsequently, it began the study of the Germanistik , philosophy and history in Berlin and Leipzig.

With beginning of the First World War it announces as a Freiwilliger, became however two years later because of illness to dismiss. Afterwards before-light it his Mrs. Ulrike strain.

Now an unsteady life with employments as a coworker and editor follows with different newspapers (1925 during the Rhine May niche people newspaper in Frankfurt/Main), with publications of various literary work, with activities than director at the theatre (1920 in Duesseldorf and 1923 in the Netherlands), than auxiliary worker with the youth welfare office (1918) in Frankfurt and than professor for German in resounds (Saale) (1930-1933 at the educational academy).

Starting from 1933 it came due to its liberal attitudes with the LV regime into conflict and became both from newspapers (1943 Frankfurt newspaper), and from the academy (1933) to dismiss.

After the war it lived as free writers in Vachendorf, Stuttgart, giver home and since 1970 in king stone in the Taunus.

With an attendance of his son Peter (geb. 1919) in Braunschweig harsh ore wreath/ring died.


its largest literary successes celebrated harsh ore wreath/ring in the area of the child and youth literature. With 60 years it began its most successful novel cycle approximately around the fictitious society Ubique Terrarum. This 10-restrains row describes the adventures and experiences of a sechsköpfigen group of men from Europe (an Englishman, Irish, two Frenchmen, two Germans and starting from volume 6 instead of one the German a young Indian). Stories play among other things in Afghanistan, Brazil, the USA, a French Karibikinsel, on Greenland, in Malaysia, on Sardinien, in Morocco, in Lebanon and in Southern France.


of Ubique Terrarum novels

  • volume 1: In the claws anonymous
  • volume 2: Fallen in the jungle
  • volume 3: Death in the skeleton ravine
  • volume 4: Innocently under guilty
  • volume 5: Escape to the ice shark hunters
  • volume 6: Instruction of the Radscha
  • volume 7: The island the pursued
  • volume 8: The night of the betrayal
  • volume 9: The house of the seven towers
  • volume 10: In the indication of the queue

of Kinderbücher

  • Schnucki Has and Miesemau, 1929
  • with full power, (under the alias Peng) 1929
  • Lampes weekend, (alias: Peng) 1930
  • the dear animals, 1934
  • with the east he hares, 1934
  • Kasper comes before court, 1934
  • rabbit small went alone…, Verses 1935
  • Hän Didelhän!, 1935 we
  • , 1937 the mad drive
  • , 1938 Putzi, 1938
  • from Mutz and
  • Stropp and the hectar flax Hopp Hopp, 1938 the birthday of verses
  • , in such a way drive Kinderreime 1939

historical narrations

belonged to it among other things the row “the voice of the past” (1960-1964)In each case a historical personality is the main person of each book.

  • Volume 1: The way into the liberty (over Carl Schurz)
  • volume 2: The son of the lion (over Heinrich the lion)
  • volume 3: The judge before court (over Johannes Kepler)
  • volume 4: King on time (over Scipio the younger one)
  • volume 5: The successor to the throne (over prince Akbar)
  • volume 6: Besides the third president (over president Thomas Jefferson
  • ) it wrote numerous books concerning events and personalities. The titles read: “The young king”, “the old Fritz”, “until Mark and the realm without crown”, “black-and-white-red and, “the end of the realm”, “all man at deck”, “the rescuer of the trunk”, “the find pit”, “the angel schreibts up”, “newspaper radio and television”, “behind the window blinds”, “its friend of the pirates” “kidnaps” black red gold”, “north tower hundred one hundred”


  • Winfred fire-place ski: Heroi internalness. Studies to the youth literature and after 1945 ago. Frankfurt/Main: Dipa Verl. 1987. (= youth and media; 14) ISBN 3-7638-0127-8

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