Harsh ore Rittlinger

harsh ore Rittlinger (* 26. December 1909 in Leipzig; † 12. June 1978 in Oed at the Rain in the Chiemgau) was a German writer, explorer and a pioneer of the Kanuwandersports.

Harsh ore Rittlinger was born in Leipzig. It was married with Marianne Rittlinger („Aveckle “), which illustrated also many of its publications with its designs. It accompanied it on some travels, just as also its common daughter Judith. It lived 2 with its family after that. World war in the Chiemgau (Obing - Seeon - Oed at the Rain/Frasdorf).

Harsh ore Rittlinger wrote travel descriptions, novels and special books. Differently than his Saxonian compatriot Karl May it wrote its books from selfdeeply felt. Egon H. Schleinitz called Hamburg weekly paper in that „the time “Rittlinger on the occasion of its novel „seven ships or the large longing “ 1950 „the poet in the paddle boat “.

The artist did not only become by his literary activity admits. Identical popularity enjoys its photographic work. It was concerned with the act photography in the sense of the naturism. In addition author of several photo text books and book of pictures. In addition over years authors of a monthly column about “act photography” in the photo magazine. From 1963 to its death it was member of the DGPh (German society for photography registered association). Above all it was concerned photographically and literary the topic water haven.

Into many its books it stepped engaged for the nudist sunbathing FKK , also into that rather prüden fifties. To the then anrüchigen term „naked culture “wrote 1950 already to Rittlinger and. A.:

But this beautiful expression on the very simple to apply very natural and at the suitable place rather frequently practiced Nacktbaderei or also to the honest nudist sunbathing federations (many of their members are not from approximately Kanuten!) with their [...] free and sporty-clean atmosphere - is impolite and witnesses at best from rough ignorance. Only - the Obszönität of the Spiessers is not at all more „impolitely “separates maliciously! Also „nudist sunbathing “(FKK) is not a lucky word thing. But it maintained ground from the dissociation to all speculative machinations and in-patriated. From the tidy sport dress over Petrarca to here the jump is not even so large: Our Gestade of the sun requests also to the last physical liberty. Which means the gift of the nakedness in air and sun straight for the woman, whom three quarters of its body also with the sport of the vitally necessary demand „leave to air to the skin “extracts, this will know to appreciate even best. Unterm Dickicht of close and conventional convention have most humans fortunately enough cleanliness of the feeling, in order to have at fresh naturalness their joy. In view of venerable, verträumter Moselstädtchen, or under reconnaissanceend amused or bad views conventional Landbevölkerung forbids themselves each unintentional challenge strictly and already for reasons [good…] Taste. Who can do without however in lonely area, among equivalent comrades or at the sea not the bathing suit as last civilization remainder, finally is „a barbarian “! Off: „The new school of the Kanusports. River sea game water-free air life “, S.295.

The ideal possibilities of connecting the Kanusport with the naturism described harsh ore Rittlingers of text and picture contributions in „the sun friends “ (official organ of the German federation for nudist sunbathing - smelling pool of broadcasting corporations, DFK Danehl `s publishing house, Hamburg) and in the magazine „to HELIOS “ (independent monthly review for orientation by nature life culture, run with Nuremberg). Of Rittlinger and illustrated special editions so also wrote: „Dalmatini summer “, „we drew sun travel into Provence after Friaul “and „“ from these FKK publishing houses leading at that time. The Hajo Ortil, secondary school teacher one gotten used to with Rittlinger of Bremen High School, reported Hansi river and Seepiraten likewise in these publications on the Kanusportaktivitäten of the young and group of girl sports created by it „“.

Because the so-called „dirt and trash law “without individual case examination and without indexing (lt.§ 6 exp. 2 valid of 9. June 1953 to 23. ) „Writings with picture for naked culture “as obviously heavy youth-endangering classified, could not these publications young people recruit November 1973 under 18 years long time be made not accessible.

Resident of Munich the city museum organized 1985 the exhibition „the act photo “. She than itinerant exhibition in further cities was to be seen later. It documented history, aesthetics and ideology of 150 years act photography. Under the issued pictures was also work of Rittlinger. In the extensive exhibition catalog (publishing house C.J. Books, Munich and Luzern) are Kurzbiografien of the most important photographers. Harsh ore Rittlinger is designated therein as „… writer, photographer, specialized technical and an important representative of the physical culture movement after the war… “.

In the chapter „act photos from amateur hand. Sketches of a historical stocktaking “are discussed in detail Rittlingers of act photo books:

However if the amateur wanted to inform deep-going and acquire also technical knowledge, it could fall back to harsh ore Rittlingers “the act photo”. It suits the book well that the author falls back for illustration to proven names, which we already know: Willy Zielke, Fritz Henle, Ferenc Berko. Others are added: Bernd Jansen, Marta Hoepffner, H. Heidersberger, Ludwig Windstosser, H. Hajek Halke and other one. The text described clearly and without trips into the personal anecdote he begins and treats
all problems of the act photography in its first chapter “over naked humans” with the famous “Venus of Wilmersdorf” afterwards the estimate of the “strong Realistik” of the photography in their relation to the painting. The author pursues the history of the act photography of the idealization in 19. Century over the impulses of the “new Sachlichkeit” up to stone RTS term of the “subjective photography”. On the search for suitable models it guesses/advises the amateur to look for it on the areas of the nudist sunbathing if the own friend or woman does not agree. Rittlinger describes handling models, says also, how male should be constituted, and it in detail describes the act in the landscape

the West German broadcast (WDR) reminded in its radio row „Zeitzeichen “of 12. June 1988 at the 10. Day of death of harsh ore Rittlinger. In this clay/tone document Rittlinger was over its expedition to the Lacandonen to hear the last descendant of the Maya in Mexico personally.

To 20. Day of death of harsh ore Rittlinger wrote Thomas Theisinger 1998 in „the Kanusport “(official magazine of the German Kanuverbandes - DKV 7/98, pages 302 to 305) a ring-back signal with the heading: „... because it is missing to us already for 20 years “.

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