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Herbert Schmalstieg
harsh ore narrow stairses

Dr. HC. Harsh ore narrow stairses (* 8. June 1943 in Hanover) is since 1972 the acting mayor of the state capital of Lower Saxony Hanover. Harsh ore narrow stairses was with assumption of office the youngest mayor of a large city of the German Federal Republic and is today the serve-oldest mayor of Germany.

Harsh ore narrow stairses1960 occurred the SPD and possessed from 1961 to 1971 different functions with the young socialists. Since 1966 it is member of the board SPD - of the subdistrict Hanover city. In the years 1973-1981 it was deputy chairmen, from 1981 to 1987 of chairmen of the SPD subdistrict.

Starting from 1968 belongedHarsh ore narrow stairses the advice of the city Hanover on. In the age of 28 years it stepped to 26. January 1972 for the first time the posts of the honorary mayor of the state capital Hanover on. At this time harsh ore narrow stairses was the youngest mayor of a large city of the German Federal Republic. After the change of the Local legislation in Lower Saxony it became to 29. September 1996 with the first step-by-step selection to the full-time mayor selected. Until 1996 there was the director of upper city, who functioned as an administrative boss beside the mayor still. In the years 1986 to 1996 harsh ore became narrow stairses as a direct candidate of the election of the federal parliament circle 34 (Hanover cunning) selected into the federal state parliament of Lower Saxony. Harsh ore narrow stairses became to 9 last. September 2001 for further five years in its office than mayors of the state capital Hanover confirms.

Beside its political work in Hanover, harsh ore narrow stairses engages itself likewise in the of Lower Saxony one and German city day. From 1973 to 1982 he was a chairman of the city daily of Lower Saxony, starting from 1974 was he member in the presidency of the German city daily, and from 1986 to 1989 president of the German city daily.


for achievements harsh ore narrow stairses due to his long term of office in Hanoveras Urgestein Hanover.

Narrow stairses used themselves for the reformation of the administration, in order to create for the inhabitants of Hanover with authority courses as short a ways as possible. The city administration is to be restructured by the administrative reform to a modern and cost-efficiencies service enterprise.

Harsh ore narrow stairses looks for the proximity again and againto the citizens, who can visit it in a weekly consulting hour. In regularly called up inhabitant meetings narrow stairses report on the town development.

Further it supported the Expo 2000 in Hanover. By the Expo many projects, particularly however the development of the infrastructure of Hanover, could realized, otherwise only many later and under more difficult circumstances would have been possible

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