Harsh ore cutter

harsh ore cutter (* 23. November 1915 in Strasbourg/Elsass; † 12. December 1995) was a German politician (DP, starting from 1967 of the CDU).

life and occupation

after the Abitur 1935 in Berlin occurred cutters the Air Force , last dressed it the rank of a captain in the general staff of the supreme command of the Air Force. Starting from 1962 he was a managing director of the Federal association of German air and space industry in Bad Godesberg.


it stepped a party into Bremen of the DP at 1952 /53 was a cutter Secretary-General of the federation DP. 1958 to 1960 was it deputy Federal leaders its a party, after whom withdrawal of Heinrich of light ways, against which it had only scarcely been subject to 130 on the Federal Party Congress in May 1960 in Heilbronn to 144 voices, it became the last DP-chairman before the fusion with the GB/BHE.

After establishment of the Union of Police cutter became common with franc Seiboth of equal Federal leaders, left the party however already 1962 again. it occurred 1967 the CDU .


from 1947 to 1962 was a cutter member of the Bremi citizenry. 1953 he was selected into the German Bundestag, to which he belonged until 1961, since 1957 as DP of leaders of the parliamentary group. From 1969 to 1972 cutter was again Members of the Bundestag.


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