Harsh ore Simon

harsh ore A. Simon (* 15. June 1916 in Milwaukee/Wisconsin, the USA; † 9. February 2001 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) was one of the most influential sociologists 20. Century. In the year 1978 it received the Nobelpreis for economic science „for its innovative study of the decision-making processes in economic organizations “.


Simon was the son of ethnic German parents; his father, an electrical engineer, had emigrated 1903 into the USA, its nut/mother, a Pianistin, had ancestors in Prague and Cologne. For the Highschoolausbildung strove it the model of an uncle, a sociologist, after and studied since 1933 in Chicago social sciences. Its goal was, a “mathematical sociologist” to be become, in order to support the society science by an analytic and systematic basis. 1936 it locked the university and was until 1939 first as a research assistant in the city administration, until 1942 as a director/conductor of a research group at the University of Berkeley active. Its topic was already since its university time the decision-making processes processes in organizations. Parallel to its time in Berkeley it attained a doctorate at the university of Chicago over decision making in organizations of the administration.

Simon began 1942 in Chicago at the Illinois of institutes OF Technology a place as Politologe, whereby he parallel contacts to economists (and. A. Milton Friedman) at the university of Chicago constructed and lectures in economic science heard. To its mathematical-sociological adjustment now founded training in economic science came. Since 1949 it developed a structure course of studies for industrial administration together with other scientists at the Carnegie of institutes OF Technology. In addition it was member of the commission, that had responsibility for the co-ordination of the Mars resounding plan.

The original Forschungsgebiet of decision making within organizations had never rejected Simon completely. Since 1954 he investigated these processes assistance of computer simulations. The topic busy it continuously over the next decades, without it gave its normal training activity up. Besides it between 1968 and 1971 were in the scientific advisor staff of the presidents Johnson and Nixon actively. it received the Nobelpreis for economic science to 1978.

Simon was married since 1939 with Dorothea Pye and had three children. In the year 2001 it died in Pittsburgh.



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