Harsh ore Turnauer

harsh ore Turnauer (* 29. July 1907 in Prague, † 8. Jänner 2000 in Vienna) was a Austrian Industrieller.

Into the 1930er years operated it in Prague a small paint factory. After the Second World War he, after he had lost everything, built a new paint factory first in Mödling, with which he moved soon to Guntramsdorf. This factory became the largest lacquer production in Austria. It was called Stoll lacquer up to their sales at the most - company in the year 1969. Turnauer created 1949 also the company Isovolta (Austrian insulant works AG). It acquired 1962 the majority the pond AG, which concerns itself with the aluminum processing. 1969 it created the Constantia industrial getting thing AG, at which also the earlier ÖVP Parteiobmann Josef of rope director of executive committee was.


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