Harsh ore who-nods

harsh ore who-nods (* 24. March 1946 in August gene, Baden-Wuerttemberg; † 16. April 2002 in Basel) was operas director, stages - and Kostümbildner.

It studied piano, flute and a directing at the conservatoire in Braunschweig and Bühnenbild at the academy in Munich. After beginnings as stage and Kostümbildner in land hat and Wuppertal and first play productions in Darmstadt 1978 in Darmstadt with trade Belsazar its first opera direction developed. The emphasis of the artistic work Wernickes was with the theatre Basel, where it lived since 1990.

To 16. April2002 deceased to harsh ore who-nod unexpectedly after short, serious illness in the cantonal hospital Basel. To 5. May 2002 had Basel “Israel in Egypt” premiere at the theatre. The production was shown in the fragmentary form, in which it who-nods harsh ore on the day before its death left. Itin its place of birth August gene was buried; on the there cemetery its grave is at the southeast side.

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