Heribert Fischer Geising

Heribert Fischer Geising (* as Heribert Fischer to 13. February 1896 in Teplitz - Schönau, † 13. August 1984 in Freiburg in mash gau) was a German painter and draughtsman.

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Fischer Gesing was above all a landscape painter and haven guessingist. As a contemporary by Otto DIX also it argued with the mark style and the coloredness of Vincent van Gogh directly. Above all its sophisticated composed and colorstrong still lives and of its erzgebirgischen residence and its inhabitants of inspired haven advice make him an outstanding representative of the again-material, aesthetic painting 20. Century. In the GDR he remained to a large extent an unknown quantity.

Constant exhibitions. Represented among other things in the art collections Dresden, the national museums Berlin, in the east ore mountain gallery in the lock Dippoldiswalde and in the east ore mountain museum lock Lauenstein.


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