Heribert Hellenbroich

Heribert Hellenbroich (* 14. May 1937 in Cologne) was from 1983 to 1985 a president of the federal office for protection of the constitution and in August 1985 president of the Federal Information Service. Hellenbroich is member of the CDU.

The lawyer and state scientist were active since 1966 at the Federal Office for protection of the constitution. Hellenbroich was appointed 1981 the vice-president and took over two years later after the resignation smelling pool of broadcasting corporations of Meier the line of this authority.

At the 1. August 1985 changed Hellenbroich as a president to the Federal Intelligence Service, its successor as a director/conductor of the protection of the constitution became the late steckbrieflich looked for Ludwig Holger of stake.

However Hellenbroichs was time as an espionage boss only from short duration. After the escape of his director of government Hansjoachim Tiedge to east Berlin it stepped to 27. August 1985 after only four weeks term of office back.

After the end of its secretofficial career Hellenbroich took over the executive committee presidency the industrie and commercial protection GmbH (IHS) in Berlin, a renowned awake and closing company.


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