Hermann Etzel

Dr. Hermann Etzel (* 21. June 1882 in iron field with Altötting; † 14. April 1978) was a German politician of the Bavaria party.

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lives and occupation

as a lawyer was Etzel from 1930 to its compulsory retirement by the national socialists Syndicus of the chamber of trade Munich - Upper Bavaria. After 1945 Etzel journalistic founder of the Bamberger Symphoniker was active and also.

a party

in April 1948 it occurred the Bavaria party and still in the same year the regional-level party council was selected. 1949 it became deputy regional chairmen. After its withdrawal from BP 1952 it supported the GVP and was joint founder of the German club 1954 and co-editor of the sheets for Germans and international policy.


it belonged to the German Bundestag in the first electoral period (1949 1953), the Bavarian federal state parliament from 1950 to 17. October 1951.

It belonged to the Bavarian delegates from a Bavaria party and CSU, which wanted to change 1952 articles 102 of the Basic Law, in order to make the re-establishment possible of the death penalty for certain capital crimes.

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