Hermann Groine

Hermann Heinrich Christian Groine (* 16. April 1897 in Dardesheim; 31. July 1941) was a German politician. It was and. A. Realm tag delegate of the NSDAP.


after the attendance of the elementary school of its place of residence in the northern resin before country and a three-year Paktikums went to Groine to the technical school to bath Franconia living. From March 1915 until December 1918 it participated in the First World War, where it and others in Russia and was assigned at the west front. After return to its homeland it was active until 1931 as an electrical engineer.

In March 1923 it occurred the NSDAP and became in the following year local group leader of its party in joke mountain. 1926 it ascended to the district leader of the Hitler Youth and SA - navy in realm brook in the Vogtland . 1928 it in Chemnitz motorcycle relay leader and 1931 NSDAP Kreisleiter in Döbeln became, 1934 transferred it the office of the circle leader to Oschatz.

1933 he was selected in the milling rice Leipzig into German Reichstag. It exercised this office up to its death 1941.

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