Hermann IV. (Bathe)

Mark count Hermann IV. of bathing (* around 1135; in the year 1152 it is first mentioned with its father; † 13 pleases. September 1190 with Antiochia at the Orontes), was Titular Markgraf of Verona and Mark count von Baden since 1160.

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of the moreover one it held count and Vogteirechte in mash gau and in the Ortenau . He is the son of Hermann III., Mark count von Baden and Bertha von Hohenstaufen, a daughter of king Konrad III.. Hermann IV. was married. since approx. 1162 with Bertha († 24. February 1169), daughter of Pfalzgraf Ludwig of Tübingen.

Together with emperor Friedrich I. Barbarossa participated it in the FE storage and destruction of Milan . In the years 1176 to 1178 it undertook with the emperor Feldzüge in Italy and was 1176 participants in the battle of putting nano. 1183 it was guarantor in the Konstanzer peace with that the lombardischen cities their independence received.

Hermann IV. participant in the third crusade was and fell 1190 in the holy country in the proximity of the city Antiochia.


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