Hermann Iseke

Dr. Hermann Iseke
Dr. Hermann Iseke
Grab von Hermann Iseke (links) in Holungen
grave of Hermann Iseke (left) in getting

Hermann Iseke (* 9. March 1856 in getting; † 14. January 1907 in German southwest Africa) is one of the most important poets of the calibration field and creators calibration fields sang. It partly used also the aliases Emanuel Bimstein and Bernardus Americanus.

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Herman Iseke received its first latin instruction from the Kaplan at that time in getting, Andreas Raabe, to a well-known language researcher. From 1867 to 1873 it visited the High Schools in holy city and Mühlhausen where it 1874 successfully the Abitur examination put down. Subsequently, it began with the study of the jurisprudence at the Universities of peppering castle (1873 - 74), Leipzig (1874 - 75), Goettingen (1876 - 78) and grab forest (1878). Here it made the first legal state examination, attained a doctorate in Jena to the Dr. jur. and worked as a junior lawyer in Duderstadt and Künzelsau. In this time it looked internally for a new life way, went after Münster and studied here philosophy and Germanistik (1879 - 1880).

1880 it decided to become priests and studied in Freiburg, Breslau and Münster theology. To 15. It received July 1883 in calibrate-corrodes the Priesterweihe. As Kaplan it worked one year in DIN gel city and then eight years (1884 - 1892) as a minister in growing EDT.

it announced itself to 1892 for the military welfare service. As a military minister it worked in the garrisons of Metz, Hanover and Mühlhausen in the Elsass, went with a punitive expedition into the Empire of China (1900 - 1902), visited then the west states of North America, worked again as a military minister into Kassel and Saarbruecken before it from 1905 to 1907 into the South African area went. The unhealthy climate, large strains and the hard seelsorgerische work made for the otherwise so strong man much to create. Dr. Hermann Iseke deceased to 14. January 1907 in southwest Africa at malaria. Its body was transferred still in the summer 1907 into its homeland and it was bestattet at the church, directly beside its birth house.

Dr. Hermann Iseke did not only work Seelsorger and soldier friend as a priest, benediction-rich, but also as poets he is over the borders of his homeland admits become. These seals brought it the honour title: “Poets of the calibration field”. In the year 1902 it wrote in the calibration field probably admitted “calibration fields sang”, but this was not the only work of it. Beside many smaller poems it brought also still two larger documents out (“he wrote dear holy Elizabeth of Thuringia” and under the alias “Bernadus Amerikanus” “out calibration field Vorzeit in history and legend”).

having a lasting effect

the city holy city designated a road after it, in its place of birth getting it in honours Gedenkstein was established and the association for local history carries its names.


  • out calibration fields Vorzeit in history and legend. Cordier, holy city 1892
  • Gottfried, the student : an moral-academic Epos. Cordier, holy city of 1895
  • rejoicing sounds to the fifty-year old bishop anniversary Leo XIII. - S.A.
  • The life of holy Elizabeth of Thuringia God-blessed living and dying : a gereimte narration. - Cordier, holy city 1895


  • George H. Daub: Hermann Iseke, its life and its works : under use of its deduction. Cordier, holy city 1920
  • Karl Hoeber: Hermann Iseke. Historical commission for the province Saxonia and for notion, Magdeburg 1927. - (Central German life pictures; 2)

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