Hermann Kastner

Hermann Kastner (* 25. October 1886 in Berlin; 4. September 1957 in Munich) was a German politician (LDPD). 1946 to 1948 he was Saxonian Minister of Justice, 1949 to 1950 of LDPD chairmen and deputy Prime Minister of the GDR.


it was born as a son of a teacher. From 1904 to 1908 it studied jurisprudence and national economy at the Friedrich William university Berlin. After its graduation it occurred 1908 the citizens of Berlin administration of justice. it changed, held 1917 as an university teacher to the Leopold academy in lip Detmold lectures on state and administrative law. it went to 1919 to Dresden, became a counsel of the Saxonian trade associations.

1918 it became member of the German democratic party (strip packing). The party selected it to the chairman Ostsachsens. From 1922 to 1933 he was a delegate of the Saxonian federal state parliament. During the rule of the national socialism it took up contacts with the German resistance. The Gestapo arrested it several times.

1945 it was one the joint founder of the LDPD in Saxonia. In the same year he was selected to the chairman of the regional organization Saxonia and after the elections of the federal parliament in October 1946, again member of the Saxonian federal state parliament. 1946 he became Saxonian Minister of Justice.

1948 it changed as deputy chairmen of the German economic commission (DWK) to Berlin, took part in the German people advice for the LDPD in the elaboration of a condition for the German Democratic Republic. In the same year he became a deputy LDPD boss. On that Party Congress 1949 the party selected it ice NAK ago to the chairman.

At the 11. October 1949 he became in the first GDR government under Otto Grotewohl a deputy Prime Minister. In July 1950 it was replaced because of its resistance against the introduction from single lists to the first people chamber elections as cabinet member and a LDPD chairman and excluded from the LDPD. Prodigality and corruption were formally accused to him.

Kastner 1951 was rehabilitated, but its political career was terminated thereafter. He took over occasionally the presidency of the committee for the promotion of intelligence, an insignificant GDR organization. 1956 it fled into the Federal Republic, lived there up to its death after a heart accumulation in Munich.

From 1949 to 1953 he worked under the pseudonym “light TIG” as an agent of the organization Gehlen, the forerunner of the Federal Information Service (Federal Intelligence Service). It copied all minutes of cabinet meetings of the first GDR government. Its wife smuggled it in the car with a special document of identification to West Berlin. After an analysis of the Federal Information Service, he is to have worked at the same time as a double agent of the Soviet NKWD and later the MfS. The state security service is to have planned it for the case of a possible reunification of Germany as “spare Prime Ministers ”.

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