Hermann Neubacher

Hermann Neubacher (* 24. June 1893 in Wels, upper Austria; † 1. July 1960 in Vienna) was a Austrian restaurant specialist and politician of the National Socialist German labour party.

Hermann Neubacher was active starting from the year 1920 in the wood industry. After the seizure of power of Hitler to 30. Jänner 1933 in the German Reich it in Austria member of the forbidden National Socialist German labour party became. After the connection of Austria to the German Reich it already solved to 13. March 1938 smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Schmitz as mayors Wiens off and kept this position up to 14. December 1940 . Hermann Neubacher of envoys in Bucharest and Athens became subsequently. Starting from the year 1943 to end of war he became authorized person with the military commander in Serbia.

Condemned after the end of the Second World War Hermann Neubacher in Yugoslavia in the year 1951 to 20 years prison, however already after few months seriously ill to dismiss. Hermann Neubacher turned back to Austria and was particularly active as building contractors in Salzburg.

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