Hermann Rorschach

Hermann Rorschach

Hermann Rorschach (* 8. November 1884 in Zurich; † 2. April 1922 in Herisau) was a Swiss psychiatrist and Psychoanalytiker.

It developed the Rorschachtest, one „ink-spot test “, which was used for clinical purposes in the diagnostic Psychopathologie.

Rorschachif artist wanted to become initial, decided however then for the medicine. To numerous years its main interest of the psychoanalysis applied. It became the reliable proponent of the then new psychoanalytischen technology in medical circles of Switzerland. 1919 it became the vice-president of Swiss societyfor psychoanalysis appointed. Its work „Psychodiagnostik “appeared 1921. After a Appendizitis treated too late it already died 1922, at the age of 37 years, at a Peritonitis (peritoneum inflammation).

Rorschach discovered 1917 the work by Szyman Hens, that the fantasy of its subjects studied and ink-spot mapsused. One year later it began its own experiments with 15 coincidental ink-spots. Its opinion after made possible it the subjective answers, conclusions on perceptivity to draw intelligence and emotional characteristics of the examined persons.

The Rorschachtest is based on the human inclination, the interpretations and feelings upto project ambiguous incentives, in this case of ink-spots. Experienced observers are alleged thereafter able to specify deeper personal characteristics and impulses of the test persons exactly. Rorschach published the results of its studies at 300 mental patients and 100 normal test persons in Psychodiagnostik. Its method becamesince then as tool for the psychological evaluation and diagnosis uses to a large extent.

The Rorschachtest is and remains disputed. Its proponents see a qualitatively high-quality test procedure, which permits a deep estimate to the total personality in him. Its critics hold out the Reliabilität lacking to the test .

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