Hermann Schaufler

Hermann Schaufler (* 7. July 1947 in Tübingen) is a German politician (CDU) and lawyer.

Schaufler buildup in Bieringen and Pfullingen , where it visited the High School. It made the Abitur at the restaurant economics Reutlingen. Subsequently, it studied law and economic science at the University of Tübingen, where it 1973 and/or. 1976 the state examinations put down. Then it was active as an attorney in Reutlingen and training representatives at the professional school for technology and economics.

Its political career already began 1963 in the boys union and at 1965 at the CDU. Starting from 1975 Schaufler was member of the local council of the city Reutlingen and starting from 1979 circle advice in the Kreistag of the district Reutlingen. it drew 1980 as a delegate into the federal state parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg . After the elections of the federal parliament 1988 Prime Minister Lothar Späth got it into his cabinet as an undersecretary of state in the Ministry for economics, middle class and technology. he from Martin duke the office of the minister of economics, which he continued also under Prime Minister Erwin devil 1991 first, took over 1989. 1992 came it into Baden-Wuerttemberg to the education of a large coalition, in which Schaufler of Thomas Schäuble could transfer the office of the transport minister. After desssen integration into the Department of the Environment 1996 Schaufler continued to lead the nunmehrige double Ministry, whereby some ranges of the Department of the Environment were assigned to the Ministry Of Agriculture at that time. To 14. October 1998 explained due to a “donation scandal” its resignation to Schaufler as a Minister. It had suggested again and again already before that it would rather go into the free economy. Became later also reproaches admits, it had not accounted for official travel correctly. 2000 and 2002 he was condemned by the regional court open castle to one fine each.

Schaufler laid down 1998 several of its honorary offices and supervisory board mandates. It is married with a Richterin and has three children.


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