Hermann Veit

Hermann Veit, (* 13. April 1897 in Karlsruhe; † 15. March 1973 ebenda) was a German politician of the SPD.

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Dr. Veit worked since 1926 as an attorney in Karlsruhe.

a party

Veit, which had already belonged to the SPD before 1933, took part in the reestablishment of the party 1945 in Karlsruhe. It was appointed 1948 into the politico-economic committee of the total party. It belonged to the program commission for the Godesberger program.


1947 was Veit member of the economic council of the Bizone. From 1949 to 10. December 1953 he was Member of the Bundestag, there dressed he in the first legislative period the office stv. Chairman of the committee for economic policy. Was from 1956 to his death Dr. Veit of state parliament delegates in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

public offices

1945 Veit mayor of its hometown Karlsruhe became. To 16. December 1946 it became under the liberal Prime Minister Reinhold Maier minister of economics and stv. Prime Minister von Württemberg Bathe. After establishment of the country Baden-Wuerttemberg 1952 it exercised these offices until 1960 also in the new southwest state.


to 18. May 1965 lent the city Karlsruhe to it . Since 1978 a road is designated in Karlsruhe after it.


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