Hermann of Barth

Hermann von Barth
Hermann of Barth
Hermann of Barth monument in the small maple soil, Karwendel

Hermann of Barth (* 5. June 1845 on lock Eurasburg; † 7. December 1876 in Sao Paolo de Loanda /portugiesisch Angola) was a well-known mountain climber. First it studied jurisprudence in Munich, where it followed the Corps Franconia. As a junior lawyer (today right junior lawyer) it began to explore in Berchtesgaden 1868 the still to a large extent unexplored Berchtesgadener alps. Starting from 1873 it studied natural sciences and deceased1876 on a Forschungsreise in Africa.

From Barth the Erschliesser of the Karwendels was, he mounted in the summer 1870 as Alleingänger of 88 summits (12 for the first time, among them among other things the Birkkarspitze, large Seekarspitze, Grubenkarspitze, eastern Karwendelspitze, Vogelkarspitze, Wörner, cow head). Besides he is an author of the book” from the northern lime alps “, 1874.

Name for huts, ways etc. occupy earnings/services Hermann by Barths for the development of the northern lime alps: Barthgrat (transition from the cat head to the middle one Jägerkarspitze, III, Karwendel, Erstbegehung 1870 through of Barth in the single-handed attempt unsecured), Barthspitze (Karwendel, in honours designated by of Barth so) and Barthkamin (Risser Falk, Karwendel, Erstbegehung 1870 through of Barth). The secured rise from the Meilerhütte to the Partenkirchener three-gate pointalso Hermann of Barth way is called.


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