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Wappen von Herschberg Deutschlandkarte, Position von Herschberg hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Südwestpfalz
convention community: Barrier-half
surface: 11.54 km ²
inhabitants: 906 (August 2004)
population density: 78 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 367 m and. NN
postal zip code: 66919
preselection: 06375
geographical situation: 49° 17 ' n. Break.
07° 32 ' o. L.
Kfz characteristic: HP
of municipality keys: 07 3 40 017
of the local administration
(convention community):
Convention community barrier-half
Hauptstr. 26
66917 barrier-half
official Website: www.gemeinde-herschberg.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Manfred Biedinger (CDU)
local council:
(Choice to 13. June 2004)
SPD 39.0% (- 12.0) - of 5 seats (- 2)
FWG 32.6% (+3,8) - of 4 seats (+1)
CDU 28.4% (+8,2) - 3 seats (+1)

Herschberg is a place in the district Südwestpfalz in Rhineland-Palatinate. It belongs to the convention community barrier-half.

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Herschberg is on the Sickinger height, which is designated after the last knight Franz of Sickingen.

the Jewish municipality

existed religions and

denominations [work on] in 19. Century relatively large Jewish municipality. Their emergence goes into the time 18. Century back. 1747 were put on a Jewish cemetery. 1801 lived 50 Jewish persons at the place; 1848 were reached with 170 Jewish municipality members the highest number of Jewish municipality members (about 25% the total inhabitant shank). A synagog is called for the first time 1815. 1830 were furnished a new synagog. In September 1892 a new synagog could be inaugurated again. By out and drift the number of the Jewish inhabitants decreased/went back since the time around 1880 strongly, so that already around 1905/10 the dissolution of the municipality took place. The former synagog was converted to a house (1999 broken off). The last two Jewish inhabitants died after the Deportation 1940.

culture and objects of interest


the convention community barrier-half dedicate themselves intensively dialect to the care of the Pfälzer and organize since 1991 in two-year rotation the “Sickinger dialect contest “, whose final round takes place including award of the prize in Herschberg. Sections are Mundartlyrik and - prosa.

horse running

in the year 1911 was created in Herschberg the rider association Sickingerhöhe, which held also the first horse running at that time. Under the name Maibächel running finds it annually, not on a round course, but valley upward and according to classical English kind “from point to point”.

Jewish cemetery

the Jewish cemetery Herschberg exists since the year 1747.

forest museum

Herschberg has a forest museum.

water looking path and mill way

in close proximity to Herschberg run a water looking path as well as the mill way, which connect the municipalities within the range for that barrier-half.

economics and infrastructure

Herschberg live predominantly on tourism, land and forestry.

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